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Attract a Fish

Explore the behavior of minnows by "fishing" with a variety of potential baits and lures.

Group Size: any size including individual
Suggested Age: 10 and up
Time: 35-45 min.


  • Site: a pond or stream that contains minnows
  • Safety: Typical safety concerns for a water study site
  • Prep: Sticks for “fishing poles,” thin wire, data board and pen, junk box with a variety of materials to use for lures

Focus Question: What are the characteristics of a lure that will attract a minnow?

Learning outcomes:

  • Experiment with different materials and fishing techniques to determine which is most effective in attracting the attention of minnows.

The kids try their luck using different materials for lures to attract the attention of minnows. They are encouraged to explore the effectiveness of several variables in designing their lures, including visual characteristics (color, luster, etc.), size, movement, and smell.

Are the same lures effective with other fish?



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