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Mapping a Study Site

Using a mapping technique, become familiar with the major features of their activity site.

Group Size: Depend on the size of the site. Each team of 2-4 kids will need an area 10-20 meters square to map.

Suggested Age: 10 and up

Time: 45-50 minutes

  • Site: Use the study site you will be using for future investigations.
  • Safety: No special considerations
  • Prep: construct the student data boards, lay them together and draw the major physical (not biological) features of the site.
  • Materials:
    For each team or 2-4 students: 60 X 80 cm thick cardboard covered with butcher paper, bag of 8 different sets of colored tags (30 or each color), marker
    For the group: data board, bag of colored tags, marker

Focus question:
What are the major biological features of the study site?

Learning outcomes:
  • A map can be constructed that will show the biological features of a study site.

Before having the children study a site in detail, it is a good idea for them to become familiar with the site as a whole. Mapping a site is a good way to accomplish this objective and to identify major features of the site. The group will be divided into teams of two to four and each team will be responsible for a section of the study site. The teams will then place their map sections together to form one large map. They will then discuss and choose names for the distinctive features of the site.



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I am just wondering what happens when I type in a comment... I love this lesson and would like to use it for the FOSS Landforms module in Portland, ME. Has anyone else used this lesson lately?

I've used this lesson with middle schoolers and they had issues with... But, they loved it and they didn't want to stop working

good activity

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