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Invent a Plant

Construct models of plants that are adapted to living under specific environmental conditions.

Group Size: Any size

Suggested Age: 10 and up

Time: 40-45 min.

  • Site: Any site, including indoors, preferably with a table or flat are to work on.
  • Safety: Work in an open area with good ventilation to prevent inhalation of the plastic-film vapors.
  • Materials: Liquid plastic film or cellophane, clay, any other materials for constructing models of plants, roll or floral tape, scissors, thin wire, styrofoam, clay, or egg cartons to support wire frames while plastic dries.

Focus question:
What kinds of adaptations would a plant need in order to survive in a particular environment? Can you invent a “plant” with those characteristics?

Learning outcomes:
  • An adaptation is any special feature of an organism that improves its chances of surviving and reproducing.
  • Plants have adaptations that compensate for their inability to move and allow them to live in a specific environment.

This activity will enable the participants to recognize that plants, as well as animals, are uniquely suited to their habitats. Using imagination and some craft materials, youngsters construct models of plants that are “adapted” to survive under specified environmental conditions. After they finish, other participants make inferences about the habitat and unique features of each plant.



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